Teaching must not be taken as a money making business, infact it is not supposed to be an occupation. We shout for equality but when it comes to education, we put so many filters on how education should be delivered, to whom it should be provided or so. Lack of transparency in educational field leaves many deserving candidates uneducated and they have to leave their dreams shattered.
RevoEdu- “Revolution In Education" comes up with a motive “Education Everybody’s right”. Here we provide a platform to make those thousands of students to learn and earn their dream education who wants to achieve high but stay unenlightened because of highly cost effective education.
In order to exemplify the idea of free education, RevoEduBook has examined education issues from multiple vantage points, experience as a teacher, teacher-educator and researcher. We come up with all possible solutions with respect of text books for high school students as well there is huge collection of notes, booklets, formulas, live project videos pdfs, test series for the students who are preparing for any kind of competitive examinations. Visual classrooms are provided with utmost clarity to the learners.



To reach to the end nodes of all the dark spaces of the world where education & learning are seen as an object that can only be bought with status and money and to be recognized as a leading international educational portal for creating best learning experiences.


To shape our world class research and facilities for the future of deserving students and make a common platform for all the learners irrespective of any kind of discrimination based upon any social or financial constraint.


Study Notes

All theory notes with step by step solution to numerical and conceptual problems can be downloaded. Competitive exams can be tackeled easily with bottom to top hierarchy of problems provided at our portal.


We provide students a warm welcome with these fun getting-to-know-science activities.All the videos, project files, flip books, project pdfs are available with easy clicks .

Carrer Guidance

Get expert tips after 10/12/Graduation with no more doubts. All the information about different instituions and the courses offered by them can be easily extracted here with us at no cost .